Mabel and the Big Wide World

Mabel the mouse lives in a barn with her brothers and sisters and outside is the big, wide world. The other mice love exploring and playing outside but Mabel is afraid… of great big HAIRY things and teeny weeny scary things. In fact she’s afraid of everything outside. “I’ll just stay in here” says Mabel. “For ever!”

But when a dazzlingly beautiful rainbow appears outside in the sky, will Mabel dare to brave the outside world to get a better look? Out now with Otter Barry Books.

This is my fourth book with Paul Stewart as author – you can find out more about the making of the book in this video.

“Jane Porter’s distinctive richly coloured, collage style illustrations together with Paul Stewart’s storytelling written from Mabel’s viewpoint make for a reassuring book to share with young children at home and in an educational setting.” Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub