So You Want To Be A Frog

Have you ever wanted to leap twenty times your own body length? Can you drink through your skin? How about catching all your food with just your tongue? Come and join frog club to learn all about amazing amphibians in this funny, fact-filled picture book. Let Fabio Frog put you through your paces. He’ll teach you how to croak, wriggle, leap and catch flies! Have you got what it takes? With gorgeous, humorous illustrations by Neil Clark. Published by Walker Books, Feb 2023, and Candlewick Press, April 2023. Click here to buy the book.

Fabio Frog gives readers the scoop on how they can be fabulous frogs…and a clever dose of frog facts to boot… Croaking, frog paleontology, keeping cool, and eating habits are also covered along with some random facts that are sure to amaze and astound any audience.” Kirkus Reviews

“Jane Porter’s love and knowledge of the natural world is evident as fascinating facts and information about frogs are presented with great warmth and humour, making it instantly engaging and memorable. Enhanced by Neil Clark’s colourful, detailed and amusing illustrations throughout, this easily accessible guide to ‘everything there is to know about frogs’ is a great book for sharing with younger children or for independent readers to enjoy alone.” The School Librarian

“As always Jane Porter’s love of nature shines through in her writing, which is highly engaging and fun for young readers. Cleverly integrated with the text are Neil Clark’s amusing, detailed illustrations. A considerable amount of verbal and visual information is to be found between the pages of this non-fiction picture book.” Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub

FIVE STARS. If you are looking for an innovative, engaging picture book which simultaneously teaches you lots of interesting facts about frogs, then this is the perfect read! … I thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully illustrated book … an extremely clever and fresh look at frogs.” Books for Keeps

“Filled with fascinating tidbits that will surely make their way into playground conversations, this makes a good choice for fans of Elise Gravel’s Disgusting Critters series.” Kay Weisman, Booklist

“Not only is the information fresh, fascinating and accessible, but it’s wonderfully presented… Neil Clark’s illustrations are detailed, beautifully integrated and very interesting … a truly engaging and beautifully created non-fiction picture book.” Bookwagon



You can watch me and Neil chatting about our book in this video: