The Girl Who Noticed Everything


Stella is a great detective. She can’t help noticing everything around her – clouds shaped like horses, wheelie bins with faces, a lonely glove on a fence, people that look like their dogs and even a man with a furry hat that looks like a cat on his head. Stella tells Dad about everything she’s seen but Dad is worried that she’s going to hurt people’s feelings. But when Stella spots a sad lady in the park she knows that speaking up is just the right thing to do.

Beautifully illustrated by Maisie Paradise Shearring and written by me, The Girl Who Noticed Everything is a companion story to The Boy Who Loved Everyone, and you’ll see Stella and Dimitri in the pages of both books.


Now out in paperback with Walker Books. You can buy the book here or in any good bookshop – do support the indies!

“Wonderfully empowering story … a must to share with young children at home and in nursery or school.” Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub

“A bright, warm picture book about a father-and-daughter trip to the park that encourages taking the time to look.” Sunday Times

“…a rounded and well-characterized story about curiosity and caring…addresses relevant (and potentially quite challenging) issues by drawing its audience in and delighting rather than instructing them….embedded within the story and images are prompts for learning and discussion…Jane Porter’s cheerful text has a natural, real-world feel, and Maisie Paradise Shearring’s characters also burst with life. enjoyable and thought-provoking read for children from about 4 up. 5 Stars.”
Books for Keeps

“A sophisticated and empathetic picturebook which shows that, while sometimes noticing and commenting on passers-by can hurt people’s feelings, sometimes it can save the day.”
CLPE (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education)

“This is a lovely book to share with a class or to have as part of the class library. I loved the gentle relationship between Stella and her Dad and the illustrations really helped to build the context of the story and give lots of opportunities for the readers themselves to notice things.”
Heather Hann, Just Imagine

“A treasure of a picture book.” Bookwagon

You can watch me and Maisie chatting about the process of making the book here: