Tiny Penguins and the New Baby

My brand new book TINY PENGUINS AND THE NEW BABY is published by Simon & Schuster. To buy the book, click here. There’s an interview with me about the development of the book at The Reading Realm and there’s also an article about some of the stories behind tiny penguins on Words and Pictures. If you’d like to make your own tiny penguin finger puppets, look here! You can also watch an episode of Looking At Picture Books here, with Fiona Woodcock interviewing me about the process of developing the book.

“Meet the Tiny Penguins! They love helping humans keep their houses tidy and have one special rule – stay out of sight! But when the Tiny Penguins see a sad Gertie hiding under her bed, they decide some rules are made to be broken… A warm and inviting picture book which offers a fresh look at the arrival of a new baby!”

“Tiny Penguins and the New Baby is a joy of a picture book that begs to be shared, re-read and then acted on! (Anyone for a penguin waddle?)”  Bookwagon

“This is a pure cuddle of a book: it’s creative, has empathy and is oh so sweet. I think it would be brilliant as a gift to a new big brother or sister, as well as of course to any penguin lover!⁣” Kids Books To Life

You can find out more about the process of making the book here: