The sky is full of birds and ALL of them are SWOOPING and SOARING… except Penguin.  “I wish I could fly,” says Penguin sadly. Owl, Parrot and the other birds try their best to help, but NOTHING seems to get their friend off the ground! How can Penguin achieve his deepest desire, and fly?

Written by Paul Stewart, illustrated by Jane Porter, published by Otter Barry Books. To buy the book, click here.

“Jane Porter’s richly coloured mixed media collage pictures are full of humour and pathos: her love of birds shines through in every one.”  Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub

“Paul Stewart’s delightful tale of discovering your own special talents, even though they may be different from those around you, is brought to life by Jane Porter’s beautiful collage illustrations.” Chris Riddell, The Guardian

“Paul Stewart’s sweet, funny text and Jane Porter’s characterful collage illustrations combine into a really heartwarming story about fulfilling your potential and staying content and unique.” Booktrust

“A fantastic book of friendship and working together, with some truly stunning papercraft illustrations”  Read It Daddy

“I love this story, which is beautifully illustrated by Jane Porter – she depicts all the birds for us so well, and they are utterly delightful; my favourite picture is Owl giving Penguin a big hug. The story shows us how important supportive friends are, and how we all have a special talent, maybe an unexpected one. A lovely book.”  Parents in Touch

‘Deliciously funny, artfully constructed collage style pictures’  Books for Keeps

You can see me reading Wings! here, and there’s also an idea for a writing project at the end: