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Publication day

Today is publication day for my Baby Walker board book, This Rabbit, That Rabbit. It’s the first book I have done that’s all my own pictures AND words (though there aren’t very many of them…) so it’s a thrilling moment. I had the idea for the book several years ago from watching our pet rabbits – they used to lie very flat with their feet stretched out behind them when they were feeling particularly contented. And one of them was slightly on the large side. More recently I dug the idea out again and came up with some words that sounded good together and which would give me an excuse to draw some funny pictures.

There’s a launch event today in Clapham and another tomorrow in Southfields – all the details are in the previous post, here.

A long-eared launch

Guests enjoying the nibbles at an exclusive launch party for my brand new baby book, This Rabbit, That Rabbit, published by Walker Books this Thursday.

Human guests are welcome to come along to two free, drop-in launch events this week: the first is at Under The Greenwood Tree, a lovely children’s bookshop in Clapham, from 10-11am on Thursday 7th November, and the second is on Friday 8th November at a delightful cafe in Southfields, Salt and Pepper – also from 10-11am.

I’ll be there to help under 5s make a rabbity souvenir to take home – all welcome! I’ll also be bringing my velvet rabbit character. Both venues sell delicious cofffee and cakes!

Under the Greenwood Tree is at 11 The Polygon, London SW4 0JG

Salt and Pepper is at 177 Replingham Road, London SW18 5LY

A bit of a bookshop

I’ve just had a bulk delivery of my new books – it’s lovely to see a big pile of them after all this time in the making. ‘This Rabbit, That Rabbit’ will be published on 7th November by Walker Books.

This is the official description: “This rabbit, that rabbit … fat rabbit, flat rabbit this is a book starring two fabulous rabbits. (And an armadillo!) This new title in the Baby Walker range uses simple word play to encourage early literacy and its tactile pages and humorous illustrations will start your child on a journey to a lifelong love of books.”

I’m having a little launch-style activity morning to celebrate at the Under The Greenwood Tree Bookshop in Clapham from 10-11 – rabbit-themed craft activities for under 5s, so do drop in if you are nearby.

Meanwhile Twit, the Orion early reader by Steve Cole, is out now and there is currently a crafty competition happening – Knit Twit! Details are on the Orion Facebook page, and you have until the end of October to make your own little blue owl. Good luck!

Spiders with spoons and a giant dinosaur tooth


I’ve had great fun working with Ladybird Books on a brand new series called First Fabulous Facts – as the name suggests, it’s non-fiction for very young readers. The first two titles, Dinosaurs and Minibeasts are out now, with two more to follow soon and another pair next year. I’ve done the cartoons, and another illustrator, Patrizia Doneara, has done the more scientific drawings. I really like the way they’ve designed the series – an appealing way to learn about the world.

A jungle jaunt for jerboas

I’ve been working on a personal project lately with my mother – her words, my pictures for a giant alphabet book. The text my mum has written is so funny and such a joy to illustrate – here’s the letter J (for Jasmine Jerboa). I had great fun with this image collaging in some giant insects from an ancient French dictionary, and couldn’t resist adding a 70s-style thermos flask – essential equipment on any jungle jaunt, surely?  I’d never looked properly at jerboas before – they are very endearing creatures, like miniature kangaroos.