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Shed Job

This is a four page mini-comic I made about learning to play my great-grandfather’s fiddle. I’t been a very joyful process for me, although the story of the fiddle is a sad one. It feels appropriate to post this today, on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, since it was my grandfather’s brother’s sad death right at the end of the war that silenced the fiddle for almost a century.

Wings over Wales

gower_JPIt’s only a few months now until the launch of Wings!, Paul Stewart’s lovely story about a penguin who wishes he could fly. I illustrated the book, and decided to do it all in collage¬†– very painstaking and slow! But I am pleased with the results. This is one of my favourite spreads, where Penguin finally gets an all-too-brief taste of flying – the landscape is based on The Gower, in south Wales, where I have spent many a happy camping holiday with my family.

Wings! is published in September 2016 with Otter Barry Books.

Polar bear production line

polarbears_Jane_porterOne of my favourite Christmas activities is making cards. Usually I design and print something, and only then realise they don’t fit a standard envelope – but I’ve finally learned my lesson and lino-printed dozens of cards just the right size to fit a bunch of A6 envelopes I’ve been sitting on for years (they are left over from The Longest Little Book, a Big Draw project I ran many years ago). All the card I printed onto was offcuts from the exhibition I held earlier in the year, Skim Sky Blue, so it was rather satisfying to use up so many odds and ends. I completed the cards with a hand-painted watercolour red bow round the bears’ necks.

It was the last outing for the very wonky drying rack – it’s now a pile of first-class kindling.

Happy Christmas everyone!