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A multitude of miniature organs

Mini-organs by Telferscot Primary

All through this term I have been working on a marvellous project celebrating the wonder that is the Royal Festival Hall organ. In my last post I talked about a visit to the workshop where the organ was made and restored – and to complement that here are some brand new organs, all invented and hand-built from cereal packets by year 5 at Telferscot Primary School in Balham.

I set the class the challenge of creating an activity that families visiting the RFH could do at home, inspired by the organ – and they all immediately started to fizz with ideas and brilliantly creative solutions. These mini-organs feature all the elements of the real thing – a console and keyboard, many many pipes, pedals, a soundboard, blowers – and of course seats for the audience and in some cases a luxury box for VIP visitors! One of them even comes in its own carrying case – the perfect portable organ.

I’m going to be compiling all the children’s ideas into a takeaway activity sheet full of tips on how to make your own organ, ready for the Pull Out All the Stops organ festival in March 2014.

A swirling shoal for the whale

I’ve been back at Ronald Ross Primary School to make a suitably marine environment for the giant whale I made with the children last week – I painted a multi-coloured swirl of fishes going round the whole room, then used self-adhesive translucent film to create the same effect on the windows. From outside the school it almost looks as if the whale is about to eat them (plankton, though more scientifically accurate, wouldn’t have had the same visual impact….)