Meeting the illustrators of 2023


I spent this morning at Sacred Heart Primary School, Battersea, at a very well organised careers fair. People representing different careers had volunteered to sit at a table and answer questions about their work – the range of jobs represented was truly extraordinary, ranging from architect, gas engineer, and British Airways cabin crew to DJ, Formula 1 engineer, and my personal favourite: insurance broker, dancer and professional roller skater (yes, that’s one person). There was also a rock star mentor! I was most impressed with the school for laying on such an inspiring event for children from 8-11

It was great fun answering the children’s questions about life as an illustrator, and they were very perceptive. I showed them how a book is developed from roughs to finished work, and showed them my ideas notebook. One girl showed me her own sketchbook, which was lovely to see.

Many thanks two my two assistants, Katie and Caroline, who kept me supplied with cups of tea, croissants, grapes (white AND red) and jammie dodgers throughout. I am looking forward to seeing some books by some of these young artists in the future…

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