4 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. Tracey

    Hi there
    Glad to see you have finally moved into the new studio, can i come visit soon!
    Work all looks great as always.

  2. Kirsty Smith

    Congratualtions Jane. I love the photo of your desk. looks like you are in full flow. Do you listen to music as you work? I can only listen to instrumental music otherwise I start singing along and find that more distracting than helpful. I particularly like Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays.
    It also helps to be away from internet access. My studio is in my garden and unfortunately I do get distracted by the PC when I pop down to put the kettle on.

    I’ll be thinking about you in a whirl of creativity above The Old Sweet Shop.

  3. janep Post author

    Yes I do like to listen to music, all sorts but I do like 6 Music on the radio (it’s always illustrators and graphic designers who phone in, so obviously not alone there…). Computers are indeed a terrible distraction so sometimes I just leave the laptop at home. Should do that more often in fact!

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