A brief in a bush

A few weeks ago I was looking for inspiration to do some black and white images. I went for a long walk in Sussex, and what should I spy amongst the trees at the side of the path but a yellowish, ink-stained paper headed ‘list of illustrations’. It was from the front of a book, but no other pages were to be seen anywhere. Most mysterious!

I deduced that the list was from an old book of Hans Christian Andersen fairy stories – what could be better for an illustration project? Shown here are ‘The sharp-sighted princess and the shadow’, ‘Kissing the swineherd’ and ‘The Emperor cured by the nightingale’.

There are plenty more to do – I’m looking forward to ‘The bell sounds in the forest’, ‘The fishes take pity on Totty’, and ‘On the edge of the chimney pot’. I’d love to know how the paper came to be there…

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