A map on a handkerchief

I had an unusual commission earlier this year – to design a map for a handkerchief. It came from the intergenerational arts organisation Magic Me, who do wonderful projects in the East End of London linking up older and younger people, getting them to share stories and explore ideas together.

Yesterday I had the chance to attend the rehearsal for ‘Where the Heart Is’, a tour (guided by handkerchief) of six locations around Whitechapel where films are showing, to be accompanied by podcasts, of the love stories of a group of girls from Mulberry School and some lovely older ladies who have lived in the area for most or all of their lives. I really enjoyed chatting over a cup of tea to the regulars from the group, then listening to the recordings of their conversations with the girls, interspersed with singing and carefully chosen sound effects. Each of the six recordings is based on a different type of love – romantic, family, home etc, and they are all very moving. You can find out more – or even book a place for the tour which includes tea and cake – at LIFT 12. The group were also on Women’s Hour on Radio 4 today – you can listen again here.


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