Dressing Up


Another one from the Compendium show.

Source: ‘The Girl’s Companion’, Blackie and Son, 1940s

Everyone at some time or another has felt a trifle discontented with their general appearance and wanted to change it.

There is no doubt that wearing a festive costume changes your whole physical appearance and personality. You do not feel yourself to be the same person, and it is so exciting to feel different.

The important thing to bear in mind is your type: before making a choice study yourself carefully in a mirror, both front and back view.

Never, never be embarrassed; because it is always a game of fun and frolic, and above all, ‘let’s pretend’.

One thought on “Dressing Up

  1. number1 fan fiona

    I love this picture I saw it at the Old Sweet Shop at the Opening! I spend ages looking at it as it was one of my favourites!

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