Experimenting and accidental embossing


My prints are gradually taking shape for the Thames-themed exhibition I’m holding next month, Skim Sky Blue. I had an experimental day at London Print Studio last week, printing some woodcuts I’d made on a variety of different collaged backgrounds, and trying them out in different combinations and on different types of paper. It was a useful day, and it’s given me lots of ideas on how to progress. One problem I have is that (through spending too much time on the river hauling oars in a skiff) my arms are a bit too strong and I can’t seem to help putting a bit too much pressure on as I tighten the handle on the Beever Press – with the result that everything comes out heavily embossed (you can see what I mean in the picture below, at the right, which shows the back of the paper). I do quite like this effect, but I’m not sure it’s right for what I’m trying to do so for the next session I’ll need to ease off a bit.


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