Snout, claw, tusk, paw private view

Lots of people came and enjoyed playing with the giant cubes and looking at pictures at the private view at The Old Sweet Shop on July 17th.

5 thoughts on “Snout, claw, tusk, paw private view

  1. Tania

    What a great show – the cubes were a lot of fun, but I especially liked the animal alphabet poster. We got one for our lucky nephew in New Zealand – my favourite character is the little vole. Does anyone know what the name of the prehistoric fish is which starts with “X”? I’d love to know!

  2. janep Post author

    It’s the evil and deadly Xiphactinus- the most vicious fish in the Cretaceous ocean.

  3. number1 fan fiona

    This was a great show the cubes were great and the pictures made me want buy them all and hang them on my wall.

  4. Christelle

    I like these cubes… I would like to have the same at home!!

    I saw children on the photos but I think these cubes are for everyone…. it’s relating to a game, but with the design in addition.

    Can you sit on it? Which material did you used? wood?

  5. janep Post author

    Yes you can sit on them! They are made of a foam base with a fabric applique cover, in lots of different types of fabric like corduroy, linen etc. to make interesting textures.

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