Take a letter, Miss Smith…and other interesting toys

palma_toys_titleI always love a toy museum, and recently I discovered one of the best yet – the Museu de sa Jugueta in Palma de Mallorca. It’s crammed with the most fascinating collection, from smoking boys to Frankensteins with their trousers puzzlingly pulled down.

Spaceships, cars, toy theatres and dolls’ houses – it’s all here. It’s a great bit of social history too: the job-related toys include ‘Miss Smith’, a classic 60s secretary – and in case you thought opportunities for girls were limited, an absolutely terrifying optician as well.

Palma_toys_jobsMusic’s another great theme, with both boy and bunny bands – I love the Ye Yehs on tour, and the big-eared mice with their jazz combo.

Palma_music_toysMy favourite items are the mournful spotty dog on a bicycle and the gorgeous gingham luggage set – and there’s something grimly irresistible about the dolls’ eye mechanisms, though I never liked dolls as a child.

palma_toys_bestIf you find yourself in Palma, it’s well worth seeking out.

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