Visiting Miro’s studio

Whenever I go somewhere new I like to visit art galleries, but best of all is when there’s an opportunity to see an artist’s studio, in full working order. Recently I had the chance to go to the Fundacio Pilar i Joan Miro on the outskirts of Palma, Mallorca, where Miro worked for the last years of his life, in a purpose-built studio designed for him by Josep Luis Sert overlooking the Mediterranean. The studio is so light and airy and spacious, filled with colour, paint and brushes and unfinished canvases everywhere, mixed in with pinecones, stones and interesting old toys that Miro collected. There’s also a gallery, and another, older house where Miro also worked and drew out his new ideas for sculptures all over the walls.It’s impossible to visit without wanting to go home and pick up some brushes then paint something very large…or draw all over the walls. Very inspiring.

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