Museum trails


I specialise in creating guides, trails and maps for museums and historic houses. I can write, illustrate and design a complete package, including interactive elements to help families get the most out of their visit.

Clients include numerous National Trust properties, the V&A, Historic Royal Palaces, Keats House, The Garden Museum, the Southbank Centre, the London Museum of Water and Steam, Jane Austen’s House Museum, Bristol Old Vic, Crystal Palace Park, Worcester Museum, Canons House and Grounds, and the Petrie Museum (UCL). For the Southbank Centre’s guide to their recently-restored organ, I collaborated with children to create appealing and unique artwork. You can see lots more examples of my trails here.

“It has honestly been so lovely working with you, easy, stress free and with gorgeous illustrations at the end of it.” Maria Magill, Hillsborough Castle, Historic Royal Palaces

“It was great to work with Jane on our new family trail, her wonderful illustrations of objects such as the 1950s dresses, the pop-up bunny and the Gypsy caravans really brought the trail to life. Jane could not visit the museum (due to pandemic) and was reliant on our photos, but had lots of creative ideas about colourful illustrations, text and interactives to capture the imagination of our young visitors. She was always very helpful and made the project a real pleasure.”
Su Vale, Learning Co-ordinator, Museums Worcestershire

“Jane was brilliant to work with! She was full of creative ideas and quick to produce the most beautiful, charming families trail for Jane Austen’s House, full of interactive elements to get children drawing and writing. She was always helpful and generous with her time, I’d love to work with her again. A really lovely family with two under-6s said the trail made the House “exciting” for their two little ones and really kept them engaged – they were so excited (literally jumping up and down squealing!) to spot the painting of the baby and little girl because it was on their trail!”
Sophie Reynolds, Jane Austen’s House Museum

“Working with Jane Porter is always a pleasure and a joy. She’s so creative, friendly and collaborative in her approach that she makes planning a project or commission together a very enjoyable process. Her illustrative style is playful, colourful and unique which works particularly well for a younger or family learning audience. She was also great at writing informative, engaging and age appropriate text for our family trails at Kensington Palace, working closely with our collections, stories and learning team.”
Jenny Wedgbury, Learning Producer, Adult Learning Team, Historic Royal Palaces

“Jane is a fantastic person to work with. The beautiful illustrations she drew really brought the trail to life and were perfectly targeted to the families and schools we were working with”.
Gemma Bending, Community Engagement and Learning Officer, National Trust (Sutton House, Hackney)