A Wandle alphabet

It’s taken five years of wading, rummaging, sifting and heaving but my Wandle alphabet is finally complete – a complete A-Z made with objects found during clean-ups of the river Wandle with the Wandle Trust. I think my favourite has to be the false teeth ‘U’, though I am also very fond of ‘R’ and ‘O’. The ‘F’ is from a fish and chips sign.

It’s now available as an A1 sized, limited edition poster – it costs £20 with all proceeds going to future Wandle Trust work. Do email me if you are interested in buying one.

4 thoughts on “A Wandle alphabet

  1. janep Post author

    you should definitely do one! Though it’s easy to get a bit obsessive and want to keep upgrading letters – definitely a slow project…

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