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Bouncing Back

I’ve just finished putting together a giant hand-made book, using artwork made by children at the Evelina Hospital School in Lambeth, south London. It’s the fourth year in a row I’ve done this very rewarding project, working one-to-one with children on the ward in hospital beds and in the classroom. I am always delighted with what they come up with and in awe of their creativity in very difficult circumstances. The age range of the children who took part went from around 5 to 16, and each of them created something really distinctive and beautiful using a mixture of collage and drawing.

The theme was wildlife in London, particularly focusing on endangered species. Researching the subject, I found that some species which have been at risk are making a comeback – such as peregrine falcons which like to nest on concrete towers. The children wrote poems as well, and I particularly liked “I live up on tall hard trees” for the falcon…

It’s sad to learn that sparrows are in rapid decline (it seems due to avian malaria), but I do love the page of sparrows and think it would make an excellent wallpaper design. Look at the silver tower block with its triple satellite dishes – a lot of research went into the yellow warning signs. The one at the bottom is for the boiler room.

And the pink-eared dormouse is another favourite!

Collage at the Snuff Mill

This week I have been with Y8 and 9 children from Cricket Green School in Mitcham and Y4 classes from Wimbledon Chase Primary. This is the first stage of the lanterns project – the children made wax rubbings from features of the Snuff Mill and the park – from fencing, manhole covers, leaves, the grind stones – even the back of a TV set and each other’s shoes. Then they tore and cut up the paper to make images inspired by the park – the bridges, waterwheel, minibeasts and all the other things they have seen on their visits. The results look very impressive and will inform the children’s designs for their lanterns next week. I love the 3-D collage, with a walk-though entrance to the park and stand-up buildings and signage, and the beautiful detailed brickwork in the second one.