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Bowerbird print series

Here’s a new set of screenprints ready for the show ‘A Pair of Drawers’ with my sister Alison Porter. The prints are inspired by the resident bowerbird at Melbourne Museum, and show the variety of blue things bowerbirds like to collect – pen lids, bottle tops, clothes pegs, toy helicopters…in non-urban areas they collect snail shells and feathers instead. 

‘A Pair of Drawers’ is at The Brunswick, 3 Duke Street, Swansea SA1 4HS, October 8 – November 22, 11.30am to 11pm daily.


The Longest Little Book

A Big Draw event I organised with The Old Sweet Shop art gallery and Saint Cecilia’s, Wandsworth. Over 240 people came along to the school refectory one Saturday. They received a ‘secret’ envelope containing a brief for part of a story about a little red hat, and an A5 ‘spread’. They then stamped the hat onto the page with a self-inking rubber stamp, and used drawing and collage materials provided to create their own original section of the story. All the work wallpapered the gallery for the show afterwards.

the little red hat