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Collage at the Snuff Mill

This week I have been with Y8 and 9 children from Cricket Green School in Mitcham and Y4 classes from Wimbledon Chase Primary. This is the first stage of the lanterns project – the children made wax rubbings from features of the Snuff Mill and the park – from fencing, manhole covers, leaves, the grind stones – even the back of a TV set and each other’s shoes. Then they tore and cut up the paper to make images inspired by the park – the bridges, waterwheel, minibeasts and all the other things they have seen on their visits. The results look very impressive and will inform the children’s designs for their lanterns next week. I love the 3-D collage, with a walk-though entrance to the park and stand-up buildings and signage, and the beautiful detailed brickwork in the second one.

Puppets at Morden Hall Park

I have just finished a big project working with families from Liberty School in Mitcham and the National Trust at Morden Hall Park. Over 6 weeks everyone – adults and children – built up a file of exciting textures, printed textiles etc., then used them to create some really vibrant puppets. The puppets all have names and some very strong characters, and their creators imagined how they would have interacted with real-life people in the park’s history. I specially like ‘The King’ who had a stand-up argument with William Morris, and Molly Munchkin who has a special pocket on the front of her dress for all the things she collects.┬áThere will be in an exhibition of the work at the Snuff Mill at the park in May.