Every Child Matters

In January I designed and implemented with Sue Edkins a large scale sewing project at Strand-on-the-Green Infants’ School in Chiswick. This involved 270 Key Stage 1 children aged 5-7, resulting in five framed textile collages illustrating the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda. We thought it was important to include every child in this infant school to underline the ECM message – quite a challenge in a three-form intake school. Nursery children used textile transfer paint to create self-portraits while Reception, Y1 and Y2 made their own individual fabric collages using simple sewing to illustrate topics like healthy living and eating, ‘making a contribution’, and (most challenging of all) achieving economic wellbeing. The resulting scooters, strawberries, piggy banks and many others were colour co-ordinated and fixed to the canvas to create a visually exciting set of images from what can seem a fairly dry topic.


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