Railway mural

I’m working with a small group of gifted and talented pupils at Singlegate Primary School in Colliers Wood this term – we are making four mural panels on a railway theme to go outside the main entrance of the school. Last week the children did some drawings, and I have made their work into these designs. We couldn’t start painting today because the school was closed by the heavy snowfall, but we’ll get going next week. The panels are 2.4m long each.

5 thoughts on “Railway mural

  1. Ellen

    I love your work – the fiber and the illustrations are wonderful!! It must be nice working with the kids. Your workshops look so creative and lots of fun.
    Great mural, too! The collaboration of their drawings and your design will make special murals for the school! 🙂

  2. janep Post author

    We are using household paint and painting onto 12mm ply – then I’ll give it a coat of matt outdoor varnish before mounting the boards. Started painting with the children yesterday- they are really enjoying it.

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