Washing line time


I finished the macaw project today with 22 Y6 pupils from North London. They had great fun creating interesting textures on coloured paper with acrylic paint and hanging them up to dry. The next day they used them to create collage-based, Japanese-bound story books inspired by the visit of Roberta the macaw. Their work was brilliant and the children really enjoyed the project, and didn’t even want to stop for break-time. ArtisanCam will be showing online film of the project later in the year.

Only a couple more workshops this term then I will be preparing in earnest for my solo show in October at The Old Sweet Shop. It’s called ‘Compendium’ and will be inspired by games and ways of playing.

2 thoughts on “Washing line time

  1. Anna

    wow! those story books are amazing! i love them all hung up on the line like that. and how they are collage. and japanese bound…i love everything about them!!

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