Online Comics Class with Jane Porter

Have you always wanted to make your own comics? Or get motivated to start a regular diary comic? Would you benefit from a weekly comics challenge and being part of a friendly, supportive peer group? Do you need some accountability to actually Get Things Done? Then this online class is for you! It’s live on Zoom and very interactive – you will feel part of a warm, nurturing and welcoming community.

Classes are held every Wednesday in 10 week blocks – you can choose whether to join the morning class (11am to 1pm) or the evening class (7-9pm, all UK time). This class has become very popular so if there is enough demand I might add an extra time slot, 2.30-4.30pm, for the Autumn term. Let me know if that might be of interest.

Each session starts with exercises and prompts, which we share on our group Padlet (an online safe and private space for sharing work) to chat about at break time. There will be lots of friendly feedback from me and your fellow classmates. 

The emphasis is on finding your own unique voice to tell visual stories rather than on teaching drawing skills, but all levels are very welcome and you can actually learn to tell a great story without being able to draw brilliantly.

Small group size – maximum 15

Each term we build up to a Zine Swap – we pick a theme together, and each student (and me!) makes a mini comic from a single folded sheet of A4 paper. If you love getting post, you will be thrilled when the little bundle of everyone’s Zines pops through your letterbox towards the end of term.

Topics covered during the ten week course include: diary comics, working from prompts, layout and panels, storytelling and pacing, inking, creating atmosphere, and being inventive with compositions.

Each week you will be emailed a handout packed with inspiring examples and tips.

And we always end the term with a session filled with drawing games.

At only £175 this course is exceptionally good value.

Payment is by Paypal or bank transfer. Email me at for details and to book your place. Places fill up fast so don’t delay!

Term dates:

Autumn 2024: Wednesday 18th September to 27th November, with a half-term break on 23rd October. Enrolment opens July 1st.

What the students say:

“I have loved taking Jane’s comics class so much, I’m going to enrol for another session. Taking time aside every week to experiment with different lines and mediums gave me so much inspiration and I learned so much from not only Jane, but the others in the class. The zine activity inspired a whole new comic book series, thank you Jane!” Sandra, Montréal

“Thanks so much for the lovely and thoughtful class! I’m so glad I joined. It gave me the push to do something I’ve been wanting to try for years. Hope to take the course again down the line” Anne, Chicago

“Thankyou so much for such a wonderful class – your kindness and enthusiasm is a balm to the creative soul!” Ingrid, Switzerland

“Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class, I enjoyed it and would love to attend again!” Randi, California

“Thank you so much Jane for a lovely class! It’s so warm and welcoming as well as being really helpful for developing sequence and story – and playfulness!” Nanette, Jersey

“So enjoy getting back to my comic challenges thanks to you – always inspired by all you share” Bridget, France

“I get questions all the time about this comics course I keep raving about, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for some creative fun!  Martina, Switzerland

“It’s been truly life-giving to be with you and everyone and creating together weekly. Thankyou”  Kana, Japan

“I learned so much over the last 10 weeks and can’t wait to find a bit more time to play with some of the ideas I was playing around with in class. If you want to do comics and need a little friendly nudge, I highly recommend Jane’s classes!” Zara, Virginia

“This is by far the best class-experience I’ve ever had! Thanks for letting me jump in” Barbara, Switzerland

“I really love having dedicated time to work on comics. It’s been such a lovely course and I’d love to continue again – I keep telling everyone how fabulous this course is!” Denise, Chicago

Jane’s comics class is so much fun, I’ve done it three times! The group is always super friendly and supportive. I’ve gained so much confidence, and have really expanded my visual storytelling skills.  The course is very well structured and researched, and Jane brings her incredible experience and humour to guide the group to make wonderful work. It’s a pleasure to draw and share stories with everyone – from the moving to the mundane. The highlight at the end is the joyous international ‘zine swap. Thank you Jane! Louise, Lancashire

“I want to thank you for your workshops, all the hard work you put into it. It is so well made. I loved it! So thank you again!” Malu, Belgium

“I love the course. It’s very inspiring – I wouldn’t have felt ready to challenge myself to create characters and tell stories without it, so it was just what I needed. I don’t know how you’ve managed to create that feeling of “really meeting” and connecting with other people through zoom. But you have. And it’s lovely.” J, The Netherlands

“Your class allows so many of us to feel like we’re not on an island, that being an illustrator is a real thing, and that there are others like me trying to find their wavy way into or how to navigate illustration, picture book making and/or comics! You’re a breath of fresh air and a peek into my wish for the future.” Abby, Minnesota USA

“The course really challenged me to work in a way I haven’t before. Even in such a short time I’ve noticed I can draw and tell visual stories with much more confidence. Plus it has been fun and lovely to see other people’s work. Very inspiring. And you always give such encouraging and helpful feedback.”  Zannie, Norfolk

“I enjoyed the classes so much. Thanks to your great teaching skills and prompts, the course has opened up all sorts of ideas and avenues to explore. It was also a pleasure to see the work of the other students and their different approaches.”  Valerie, London

“The advice, support and encouragement allowed me to find my own style and to tell stories in a more engaging way. The classes were really inspiring, and it was also great being part of a supportive encouraging community”  Brian, Gloucestershire

And here’s a beautiful comic, ‘Heart Dance’, made by Kana expressing how she feels about the course! 

Finally, here’s an example of a Zine I made for our termly Zine Swap – on the subject of why tax is a GOOD thing! Feel free to download, print and share… if you’d like to know how to fold it, watch this video.